The institute is a well administered and temple of learning in real sense. I left the prime coaching institute (as thought by everyone) just to come here. I had a great experience here. I wish I had joined this institute

since the beginning of my journey.
Faculty : 5/5
The teachers here are very friendly and the vibes which they give helps in making learning a fun thing
Atmosphere : 5/5
The type of atmosphere around you is absolutely taken care of. Misbehaviour is strictly taken care of. So your children will definitely learn some discipline here too.
According to me, the institute helped me achieve what I wanted to do.
I got selected in BITS, and other colleges and right now I am pursuing my B.Tech from VJTI, Mumbai... A prime institution
The time your child spends here is worth it
Believe me you won't regret coming here.
And as for the negative comments you get about this place, I am speechless for them. It seems they were just unfit for this place and hence blame others rather than introspecting.